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I've been out of college for about ten years, CMS gave me an opportunity to get my podcast going and now I have sponsored ads on our podcast. Taking the foundational courses here on my time was exactly what I needed to do it the right way.

They taught me the relevant knowledge I needed.

Alex Havet


When you are ready to stop using 'google university' to run your business then this is the site! I also wanted to email in and say that I took 2 of your personal development courses as well.... honestly impressed with cost and value! This is a great resource for information that is need as a person and even more so if someone has a business. 

Keniesha D.

Student & Business Owner

Great opportunity to learn so much online and it all started from a freebie. is vital, especially if you are interested in growing your business knowledge. I used to watch videos while doing my workouts and went on to be a beta tester for the CEO's Roadwayto10k month's Program. You NEED this!!  

Margret Johnson


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